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Striving to be Cost Effective and High Quality!

As a standard practice we continually seek to improve efficiency by monitoring work techniques and work rate, through time and delivery studies as a contract progresses. Any time savings (labour x time = cost) could result in direct cost savings.

We review products and carry out price comparisons regularly, whilst working with our suppliers to ensure that we are consistently providing our customers with cost effective, high quality consumables and services.

We monitor product usage and cleaning techniques to ensure that chemicals and equipment are used to the maximum of their potential. Supported by regular re training and manufacture updates

We provide hygiene and other "support services" within our contract as the benefits for our customers are that in addition to the direct costs, are the indirect management costs of liaising with one supplier for the key services instead of several and streamlined purchasing savings.

Customers are provided with a dedicated contact fully conversant on all aspects of the contract. In addition all daily Clean Management are trained and regularly updated on all aspects of each contract, this assists us in making strategic decisions for our customers benefit

Mobile team provide us the ability to carry out tasks at a high level of responsiveness, the indirect cost savings associated with this team for our customers are incalculable as we are able to act extremely quickly on your behalf for example with emergency call outs. The direct cost savings can be seen whereby we use the mobile team to carry out certain forms of additional work, as identified by Daily Clean 24Seven management at no cost to the customer. This service is unique to us and provides a very real indirect saving for the customer.

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